Tomas Ramirez  Call 0449515072383 Or Email
Tomas Ramirez Call 0449515072383 Or Email

Professional, dependable, courteous, and friendly!

Call Tomas Ramirez for all your Oaxaca transportation needs. He can pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel and plan a drivng route of the Oaxaca valley. He speaks English, Spanish, and a little French. He was born in Oaxaca and knows the entire valley. If you are interested in crafts, he can take you to the most reputable arts and crafts makers in the area. If art is your passion, he knows many of the famous painters, carpet makers and carvers. Archeological sites are numerous and Tomas knows them well. Market days are special in the surrounding pueblos and Tomas can help show you around. Mescal makers are now numerous and Tomas knows many of the specialty producers.

You can plan to have Tomas take you on a half day, full day or by the hour drive of the Oaxaca Valley. There are various excursions that can fill your day. Visit the local markets for shopping and eating, stop at a mescal distillery, explore an archeological site, and visit the unique handicraft villages. He can accommodate up to 8 people in a comfortable Suburban van. Stop midday for a lunch at one of the various spots Tomas knows are safe for travellers and serve typical Oaxacan delicious food.

Rates are 400 pesos per hour, 2,500 pesos for a half day or 4,000 pesos for an extended day. Call Tomas at 044-951-507-2383 cell or 951-5115061 or email to discuss your plans.

Transportadora Turistica Camino Real has been touring clients in Oaxaca for over 20 years.